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In comparison to conventional wood flooring sanding machines the PALLMANN COBRA has been designed in such a way that it makes effective use of its full 190mm sanding width.

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2,600 sqm sealed with PALL-X 98 of the PALLMANN brand

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Radio station Hitradio FFH

Radio station Hitradio FFH: 120 m2 sealed with the “Combination for strength” from PALLMANN

  • Building Type: Corporate Facilities Constructions
  • Pad: Wood flooring
  • Brand: Pallmann
  • City: 61000

In buildings where the stars enter and leave, the ambience must be right. In the modern radio station of the Hessian private broadcaster Hitradio FFH in Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt am Main, the architecture, a mixture of steel, glass and parquet, reflects the modern mix which the station also has to offer in its programmes. Not only does the appearance of the radio station play an important role in this respect – it also has to be functional.

During the renovation work in the foyer of the radio station, which was carried out in December 2008, care was taken to apply a resilient coating to the old birch parquet flooring, to achieve a scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent protective finish. The floor-layers of the Frankfurt Parquet Centre chose the water-based system “Combination for strength” from Pallmann, from which the flooring lacquer Pall-X Nano guarantees a highly resilient finish.

Application of the “Combination for strength”

Joint filling:
First the 120 m2 of old birch on-edge parquet was sanded using a drum- sander with Pallmann 36 to 60 grade sandpaper, and then treated with the water-based, colourless joint filler, Pall-X Kitt. After working the paste into a compound with fine sanding dust, the whole floor was completely levelled using a stainless steel large-area trowel. After approx. 25 minutes drying time, the parquet-layers sanded the area down again with 100 grit sandpaper. In order to ensure the optimum result in terms of surface quality, a further sanding process was carried out using 120 grit sandpaper by rotary-machine.

Primary treatment:
Following the removal of sanding dust and other impurities, work could be started on the application of the primary treatment. This was done using the 1-component roller or trowel applied primer for highly absorbent wood floors, Pall-X 325. This was applied evenly and generously to the substrate using an application roller for water-based coatings.

After around two hours drying time, the primed surface could be coated with the water-based 1-component wood floor lacquer Pall-X Nano semi-matt. The wood floor professionals applied the two coats of lacquer evenly and generously using an application roller for water-based coatings (consumption approx. 120 ml/m2). This was done starting from the edge, working alternately first at right-angles to the grain, and then in the direction of the grain. The second coat was applied after around three hours drying time and intermediate sanding with 120 grit sandpaper by rotary-machine.

The wood floor layers and the staff of the station were delighted with the result of the work to the new foyer, which forms the heart of the station. In future, the birch flooring will be able to stand up to the high stresses caused by visitors and employees, thanks to the use of the water-based “Combination for strength”. A real hit for the floor.

The floor-layers: The Frankfurt Parquet Centre
The Frankfurt Parquet Centre was founded in the year 1995, and employs a staff of 12. In addition to a wide selection of first-class wood and parquet types, the company offers its customers comprehensive consultation on the choice of the right flooring. The on-site service, such as the assessment of the floor conditions and the laying of the floor by their own trained parquet-layers, complete the full service offered by the company. From minor repairs through to large flooring jobs, the Frankfurt Parquet Centre is ready to face up to any challenge involving parquet flooring.